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Facial Aesthetics

Anti-Wrinkle Injections (1/2/3 Areas)
To Be Confirmed
Derma Fillers
From £270 (Per 1ml)
Lip Fillers
From £270 (Per 1ml)
£540 (Includes 2 x Treatments)
From £350
Fat Dissolving (Aqualyx)
Consultation Needed
Skin Treatment(s) (Chemical Skin Peel/Mesotherapy)
Consultation Needed
Microneedling (PRX-T33)
Consultation Needed


New Adult Patient Consultation (Includes X-rays)
£75 (includes up to 3 x X-rays)
New Child Patient Consultation (Includes X-ray)
£45 (includes X-ray if required)
Routine Adult Examination
Routine Child Examination (Includes Topical Fluoride)
Implant/RCT Consultation
Invisalign Booking Fee
Scale & Polish By Hygienist
Scale & Polish By Dentist
Airflow (45 Mins Includes Scale & Polish)
From £150
Periodontal Treatment (Non-Surgical)
Small X-rays
£10 Each
Routine Extraction
From £180
Surgical Procedures Including Extraction
From £300
Amalgam Filling
From £120
Composite/White Filling Single Surface
From £120
Composite/White Filling Two Surfaces
From £180
Composite/White Filling Three Surfaces
From £210
Ceramic Onlay
From £550
Full Gold Crown
From £850 (Lab Quotation Needed)
Porcelain Bonded Metal Crown
Full Porcelain Crown (Emax-Zirconia)
£650 Per Veneer
Cast Post & Core (Lab Made)
Direct Core Build Up For Crown +/- Post
£795 Per Unit
Root Canal Treatment/RCT
From £695
Re Root Canal
From £795
Teeth Whitening (Philips - Home Kit)
Teeth Whitening (Boutique - Home Kit)
Full Upper & Lower Acrylic Denture
From £1200 - £1500 (Consultation Needed)
Upper Or Lower Acrylic Denture
From £750
Chrome Partial Denture
From £2000
Reline Denture (Lab Made)
From £200
Denture Repair/Tooth Additional/In Surgery/Relining
From £190
Mouth Guard/Sports Guard
From £180
Emergency Appointment To Non-Patients
£75 (Additional Cost Will Be Applicable For Any Treatment(s) Required)
0% Finance
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Denplan Fees

£18.33 Per Month (includes 2x examinations, 2x X-Rays and 2x hygiene visits per year)
Child Plan A
£5.67 Per Month (frequency decided by your Dentist - Plan A x2 visits per year)
Child Plan 2
£11.33 Per Month (frequency decided by your Dentist - Plan Plan B x4 visits per year for high decay rate patients)

NHS Fees

Emergency Dental Treatment
Band 1
Band 2
Band 3

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Teeth whitening offer

From £380