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Looking for a whiter, brighter smile?  


Looking for a whiter, brighter smile?  

We are proud to partner with leading tooth whitening provider, Boutique Whitening who provide precision engineered gels, coupled with sleek, damask packaging and a luxurious metal presentation case. ISO and FDA approved, the packages deliver fantastic results, many with noticeable improvements in just a few days 

Is tooth whitening for me?

Our teeth naturally discolour with years of smoking, drinking tea and coffee, and general ageing so tooth whitening has become a popular service to reverse these effects. Several studies have shown, whiter teeth are associated with more youthful looks.

The best advice to take when choosing tooth whitening is always go to a registered professional who uses quality products and approved methods of whitening your teeth. This keeps the risks of side effects to minimum and ensure safe delivery of this medical procedure.  

How does it work?  

  1. Once we are happy that you are dentally fit (a recent check up is required, you may also require a hygienist visit to ensure no tartar build up is present on your teeth), we will then proceed moulds of your teeth and record the baseline shade of your teeth.
  2. The lab will then send us your customised home whitening trays and you will return to us for these to be professionally fitted.
  3. During the ‘fit appointment’, we will demonstrate how to wear and remove your trays, how to apply the whitening gel and for how long plus aftercare.
  4. You will use your customised trays for the period that your dentist will advise, and once complete, you will return to us for a review.
  5. At the review we will discuss your progression and will record the improved shade. 

*If at any point during the process you have any concerns, you will be offered a review appointment to re-assess your progression and any concerns. 

cleardot.gifWhat’s inside?

The tooth whitening gels used contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide – these are the same ingredients used in professional teeth whitening products!  

What are you waiting for? 

Make your tooth whitening experience like no other at The Link Dental Surgery, courtesy of Boutique Whitening.

Get in touch today to book your appointment and/or to discuss teeth whitening with one of our experts.

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