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Teeth require special attention from their onset for a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene. This forms an integral part of the general well-being and development of a healthy child. At The Link Dental Surgery, we are committed to working in partnership with the parents to build a good oral hygiene regime for young patients.

As the child grows, their teeth and gums also grow and undergo several changes. To provide optimal care at every crucial point, we recommend regular visits to our clinic. Our pleasant and relaxed environment puts the child at ease while enabling them to become familiar and comfortable with the dental instruments and procedures.

One of the most common dental problems among children is tooth decay, which can be avoided with the right care. We offer oral examinations and treatments such as fluoride therapy and fissure sealants which are tailored especially for children. Colour-matched sealants, usually applied to the back teeth, the molars, and premolars, make the teeth smoother and cleaning easier which can prevent decay.

We also provide education about healthy habits to encourage good dental care from a young age. This includes information about the intake of certain food products or sugary drinks. We can demonstrate correct brushing and gum care techniques and recommend dental products suited to them.

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