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Dentures are dental prosthesis that can restore your oral functions and facial features when you have lost several teeth or an entire arch.

Dentures can replace missing teeth and assist in stabilising the remaining teeth. A restored set of teeth helps in regaining your ability to speak and eat with ease. Dentures are made with high-quality materials, and their custom manufacturing provides a comfortable fit and a natural appearance.

Your dentist will examine the condition of the surrounding teeth and gums to determine a treatment plan suited to your dental needs. In some cases, tooth extraction may be conducted to enable a better fit for the denture.

You may need a partial denture for only the missing teeth or a full denture covering the lower or upper arch or implant retained dentures. Our experienced practitioners at The Link Dental Surgery will discuss the option that is suitable for you depending on the severity of your case.

Our dental professionals will guide you on your appliance usage, denture adhesive application and cleaning practices for your denture.

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