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A dental filling is a restorative procedure to treat cavities and return tooth health and function. They also help to reshape teeth by fixing cracks and fissures in them.

Our dental professionals at The Link Dental Surgery can identify cavities during a regular check-up. The procedure begins with removing the decay and cleaning the affected zone. The cavity is then filled with the chosen material. Sealing holes prevents bacteria from entering, protecting the teeth from further decay.

White fillings

Composite or direct fillings are also known as white fillings as they are colour-matched to your teeth. They are less visible and used in cases where a natural look is preferred.

The resin fill mixture is poured directly into the cavity, and a specialized light hardens the layers. The composites bond to the tooth, reinforcing its structure and preventing breakage.

If you are suffering from tooth pain or looking to restore the appearance, function or health of your tooth, call us at 01252 872497 to schedule an appointment.

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