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At The Link Dental Surgery, we understand that losing a tooth causes not only cosmetic consequences but also health and functional impairments.

You may be experiencing the loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth due to age, an accident, gum disease, or unavoidable tooth extraction.

Unsightly smiles due to missing teeth can cause embarrassment and impact your self-confidence. Food or other particles stuck in gaps created by the missing tooth can lead to plaque and bacteria build-up. If untreated, this could result in further loss of teeth due to decay and disease. Missing teeth may also affect your daily functions of speech and bite. To avoid the problems caused by missing teeth, we recommend a timely restoration.

We offer many treatments to regain your appearance and functionality. You may opt for any of the following:

  • Bridge – a natural-looking dental prosthetic, held in place by teeth on either side.
  • Denture – a removable, full or partial that rests on the gums.
  • Dental implant – a long-lasting fixture that is anchored on the jawbone, and can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire arch.

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