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Even one missing tooth can make you conscious about your appearance and impact your confidence. A single tooth dental implant can replace the lost tooth and help you get back to talking and smiling as you normally would.

For patients who require this procedure, a single titanium post is placed into the jaw bone to mimic the tooth root. Once the site has healed, a dental crown is securely attached to the post. Our sedation services aim to make your experience as pain-free as possible.

A single tooth dental implant can provide a long-lasting solution to fill the gap in your smile, restore your dental structure, and improve functionality.

A dental implant can offer many advantages:

  • A dental crown is closely matched to the contour and colour of your natural tooth, making it almost impossible for someone to notice a difference
  • Due to the post and bone integration, the implant can provide a natural feel and thus require minimal acclimation time.
  • The procedure can be carried out without altering the healthy teeth surrounding the implant.

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