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A dental veneer is a cosmetic treatment to rectify the appearance of damaged, stained, crooked, misaligned, or dull teeth. Veneers provide an alternate option to whitening procedures or orthodontic treatment.

The veneer is a thin cover, made of porcelain or composite material, applied commonly to the front tooth. It is matched to your existing tooth colour and translucency for natural-looking results.

Our team of dental professionals will take an impression of your teeth and help in the selection of the optimal shade for the veneer. The dentist will show you the custom-made veneers before bonding them to the pre-prepared tooth. A local anaesthetic can be administered to numb the area if required.

A dental veneer can improve the contours of your tooth. Veneers, along with other cosmetic treatments, can form part of a comprehensive smile makeover procedure.

Veneers are stain-resistant and designed to last for many years. They need care just like your natural teeth. We will guide you on dental practices to follow to protect the veneer from getting damaged or chipped.

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