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The Link Dental Surgery 11 Aylesham Way Yateley GU46 6NR

Viscoderm at The Link Dental, Yateley, Hampshire. Viscoderm is a complete line of ultrapure hyaluronic acidproducts able to reduce the effects of skin aging.

Hydrobooster from Viscoderm – Curing the Skin from the Inside Out.

Viscoderm is a new solution that offers a dual hydro action providing:

  • Deep hydration;
  • Elasticity improvement;
  • Enhanced radiance, and;
  • Smoothness of the skin.

Where can Viscoderm be used?

Viscoderm treatments have a stretching effect on superficial wrinkles, particularly indicated for the dynamic areas of the face including the forehead, perioal and periorbital.

Why use Viscoderm?

  • Reliability: because IBSA* produces a biotechnological ultrapure hyaluronic acid (not of animal origin) and has full control of all production processes;
  • Homogeneity: thanks to the perfect integration in the skin, resulting in a natural appearance and adapting to the unique characteristics of the face, and;
  • Results: with an immediate noticeable improvement, long-lasting results and reduced downtime owing to its high tolerability.


The Link Dental Surgery in Yateley, Hampshire is currently providing Viscoderm for the following introductory price:

  • 1st injection: £350
  • 8 weeks later, if required, 2nd injection: £250

For more information on Viscoderm or to book a free consultation please get in touch.

*IBSAQuality made in Italy. IBSA is unique in this vast market, owing to its complete control of the hyaluronic acid lifecycle; from the raw material production to the finished product. The knowledge, ongoing scientific research, technological development and state-of-the-art production processes makes IBSA one of the leaders in hyaluronic acid production.

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