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Implant retained dentures are a dental prosthesis supported by surgical posts that can be used to replace an entire arch in the mouth.

Titanium rods are surgically placed in your gums. The prosthetic root acts as a base for the overdentures. The number of screws will vary depending on the type of denture chosen. Your jaw and the tissues surrounding the implant are given time to heal during which a temporary denture will be provided. After the osseointegration process is complete, overdentures are crafted from your bite impression. They are anchored onto the titanium posts and secured with an abutment.

The implants secure the overdentures in place instead of the suction created between the traditional denture and the roof of your mouth. As a result, implant retained dentures can be designed to occupy less of your palate. The implants evenly distribute the pressure, that is caused by grinding and chewing, across the jaw. This helps to maintain the integrity of the structure of your jaw.

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